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Waste Disposal Southampton

Do you need a flexible waste disposal service tailored to your needs? Is your current waste disposal service not up to scratch? Then your business will need GHS Recycling today. We have provided the best waste disposal Southampton has seen for over 30 years. We provide a comprehensive waste disposal service with a focus on recycling to meet the individual needs of every customer. So throw away your current provider and call GHS Recycling.

Our waste disposal in Southampton services

As a business, you are probably scouting around for the best waste disposal service. At GHS Recycling, we pride ourselves on providing a complete waste disposal Southampton service. Our services have been listed below:

Office waste

By nature offices produce a substantial amount of rubbish, most of which can be recycled. We can pick up all types of office waste and recycle a high amount of rubbish produced by your office. Recycling your office waste will cut costs on waste disposal and boost the environmental credentials of your business. We can recycle the following:

  • Drinks cansWaste Disposal Southampton
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Paper waste
  • Vending machine cups and more

Plastic recycling

Many waste disposal companies only recycle a small proportions of plastics despite the high influx of plastic in most waste. GHS Recycling provides a great plastic recycling service that will reduce the costs of waste disposal for your business. Recycle the following plastics with GHS Recycling:

  • Bubble wrapWaste Disposal Southampton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester wadding bulk bags
  • Polyurethane
  • Polypropylene
  • Polythene films and more

Cardboard recycling

Cardboard is often a thorn in the side of many businesses. It is a vital packaging material which many waste disposal companies in Southampton will not be able to recycle. GHS Recycling recycles the cardboard other companies will not touch like:

  • Boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard and more
  • Paper cups
  • Printed cards
  • Tubes and more

Waste Disposal Southampton

Data destruction

Do you need confidential papers destroyed? GHS Recycling provides the best data destruction service in Southampton. All employers have a duty to protect all confidential information that it holds due to legal regulations. When you select this service, we will pick up the waste from your property and transport it to our secure facilities where it will be destroyed under CCTV. Afterwards, you will be handed a certificate once the destruction has been completed.

Waste Disposal Southampton

About Us

GHS Recycling has provided the best and most efficient waste disposal Southampton service for over 30 years. As a company, we pride ourselves on our diverse and flexible services. By choosing GHS Recycling, you will be investing in a quality service that will ensure your Southampton waste disposal needs are met completely.

Contact Us

If you have anymore questions about our waste disposal Southampton service then call us today on 02392 670 399 or Email info@ghsrecycling.co.uk.