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Southampton Waste Disposal

Is your business searching for cost-effective Southampton waste disposal options? Choose GHS Recycling today for an excellent service that will ensure your rubbish needs are disposed of by an environmentally friendly company.

Our waste disposal in Southampton services

GHS Recycling provides a complete waste disposal in Southampton for businesses. We are untouched in the local area and beyond on the quality and diversity of our waste collection services. Listed below is an excerpt of our services:

Cardboard recycling in Southampton

If your business deals with a lot of cardboard and related materials, it can add up to your disposal costs should this be added to the general rubbish collection. GHS Recycling offers businesses in Southampton a complete cardboard recycling service which is one of the most competitively priced on the market.

We recycle materials like:

  • Paper cups
  • Printed Cards
  • Boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard and more
  • Tubes and more

General office waste

Offices accumulate rubbish through the course of the working week. It is vital for the wellbeing and image of your company that you ensure that the rubbish is disposed of properly through a company like GHS Recycling.

Our office waste service will cut the costs for your business and improve the overall environmental credentials of your business. GHS Recycling will dispose of these materials for your business:

  • Paper waste
  • Drinks cans
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Vending machine cups and more

Plastic recycling

Plastic is a difficult material to recycle, and many recycling companies in Southampton are often unclear on what materials can be recycled. At GHS Recycling, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our plastic recycling in Southampton service. We recycle the following plastic materials:

  • All types of film whether loose or in reels
  • Bulk bags
  • Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester wadding
  • Polythene films – Clear or coloured with or without labels

Why choose GHS Recycling

GHS Recycling has over 30 years of experience in the waste disposal business, and we have worked all over the county of Hampshire.  Our company specialises in the full recycling and waste management services, confidential data destruction, plastic and the recycling of other materials.

GHS Recycling provides one-off or regular collections for businesses in Southampton as we understand that every business has its own waste disposal needs. If you need a more frequent service or even just an occasional service for your business or organisation, please get in touch with our team and we will happily adjust our services to your request.


View our gallery for examples of our waste disposal in Southampton service.

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Contact GHS Recycling for more information on the best Southampton waste disposal.