Southampton Cardboard Recycling

Southampton Cardboard Recycling

If You Are Looking For A Way Of Getting Rid Of Your Cardboard But Want To Get Rid Of It In A Safe Way With People That Can Guide You All The Way Through, Then Come To G.H.S Recycling Ltd

G.H.S Recycling Ltd have been running for over 20 years and for those 20 years we have been only delivering the finest service to all of the South of England, each one of our staff members are very dedicated and committed  to keep all of the UK a greener and safer place to live, and not only that but each one of our staff member’s are C.S.C.S qualified and completely trained in first aid. We make sure that our are fully prepared for whatever the situation is so we can look our for each other and our customers. It doesn’t matter if you are want it at your home or you want it in a business building, we are able to work anywhere you would like us to be required and we will take all recyclable materials and will  dispose of it properly.


What G.H.S Recycling Ltd Portsmouth Can Offer To You

When our customers come to us we are able to offer them a flexible plan. This plan we allow them to find away to commit themselves to being of G.H.S Recycling Ltd movement at an extent that they are happy to work with. We get some customers who are a little confused with why we are recycling and what the benefits are of it, we give all the information that is needed to get you started, at that point if you are still interested then we are able to offer you plan, as previously mentioned, our plans are designed to fit our customers personal fittings and preferences, for example one of our customers wanted us to come on a Monday and Thursday at 2:00pm every week, so what you get out you can be proud of.

Years Of Thorough Cardboard Recycling Experience

We understand at G.H.S Recycling Ltd that a lot of people are not fully aware of why companies are starting to recycle and one thing that we don’t customers to fall into is tradesman supposedly being able to help them get on the road to a greener future when we know that all they are after is your money and won’t help in one way at. However here G.H.S Recycling Ltd we are not that at all, we are one of the finest recycling companies through out all of the south of the UK and we have being helping people feel better about themselves and live better life styles, so many of our customers have given us responses from our service and work and they been positive feedback and that is another reason why we want to continue helping all of our customers.

Get In Contact With Us Today

If you are thinking of starting a greener life style and wanting to make a better place for you to live, or simply you just want to know more information about us then contact G.H.S Recycling Ltd on – 02392 670 399 or email today, our staff are always willing to help and answer any questions you are unsure of, for a greener pleasant life be sure to come to the professionals.

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