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The Green Agenda is more important than ever for today’s businesses. It is vital to have sustainable practices in place for waste management, and just as importantly the solution needs to be both practical for your company as well as financially viable.

We Can Help With:

Implementing and delivering tangible improvement

Demonstrating practical options and solutions

Identifying key improvement opportunities

Understanding customers waste management requirements

Providing continuous waste management support

Confidential Waste & Data Collection & Destruction

We securely collect and destroy all types of data – Paper or Electronic. We manage to recycle the majority of all materials after destruction, but for extremely sensitive material we can also incinerate if required.

Office Materials Collected Are:

Office waste paper

Newspaper & Magazines

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Milk Bottles

Vending machine cups

Drinks cans, aluminium & Steel


Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

All of our office waste collection services are fully licensed, easy to use, and cost effective  tailored to meet all recycling needs, but best of all we recycle everything we collect.

We are Registered Waste Carriers and issue Waste Transfer Notes  to cover Duty of Care Regulations if required, a Recycling Audit, detailing weights of material collected, can be supplied or any material collected throughout the Recycling Year.

We supply waste recycling bins for use in the office and plastic bags for the bins. There is a small quarterly service charge to cover provision of plastic bags and administration. Give our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs on: 023 92670 399 we will be glad to help.

 Confidential Shredding

We provide confidential shredding services across the South of the UK.

Every business has a legal obligation to protect the confidential information it holds on its employees, customers and suppliers.  Failure to do so can result in heavy fines or even imprisonment for the person responsible.

We cover all over the south coast.

We can help you and your business to comply with the Data Protection Act by taking the responsibility of ensuring your confidential materials are handled securely, and disposed of correctly by shredding. We can provide all documentation and forms.

Document Collection

At G.H.S  Recycling Ltd we would like to make your document destruction as simple for our customers as possible. We have a number of trucks across the South of the UK who will collect your confidential waste from your commercial business.

Secure Data Destruction

We are very aware of the implications of identity theft and other fraud that can be a result of companies disposing confidential waste incorrectly. With our experience we have the knowledge and technology to ensure all confidential details are safely and securely handled.

Material always attended or kept within a secure area

Monitored alarm systems are in place

Cameras are monitoring secure areas

Uniformed employees handle materials

Employees have signed a confidentiality agreement

Certificate of destruction provided

Document Shredding Plans

We have a number of possible data destruction plans that our customers sign up for, This can include:

One off service

On Demand, Daily, Weekly or monthly service

For a free quote or to ask any further questions regarding your Document shredding service please complete the form below or contact us free on 023 92670 399. We also offer the popular ON DEMAND collection service.

Shredding Bag

Office/Printing Paper Waste

The economic advantages of commercial recycling are clear. Commercial recycling programs can reduce waste volumes and disposal costs especially in the work place they provide revenue from the sale of recyclable material and reduce operating costs. Recycling provides raw material to make new products and creates jobs in collection, processing and manufacturing. Over time, recycling saves energy and natural resources and can enhance a company’s public image.

Materials Collected For Office/Printing Paper Waste Are:

Office Paper Waste

Newspaper & Magazines

Plastic Bottles

Vending machine cups

Drinks cans, aluminium & Steel

office work place in Beijing

Complete Computer systems including printers and other obsolete machines can also be collected and recycled under a WEE scheme –  although not undertaken by G.H.S Recycling Ltd, we work alongside a company that can offer you this service, which we highly recommend.

Waste Transfer Notes are issued to cover Duty of Care Regulations, and if required, a Recycling Audit, detailing weights of material collected, can be supplied. We supply waste recycling bins for use in the office and plastic bags for the bins.

There is a small quarterly service charge to cover provision of plastic bags and administration. Give our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs on: 023 92670 399 we will be glad to help.

Do not start everything at once. It is best to have a gradual approach, starting small and working up to full recycling.

Office recycling is the easiest scheme to involve everyone in.

Start with what you think will work best. The most obvious place is to start with paper. 70% of office waste is made up of paper. Most of which is high-grade white paper, the most sought after type for recycling.

Our waste management and recycling services are practical, cost effective and tailored to meet your needs. Give us a call on 023 92670 399 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

We collect office waste for recycling from all major towns and cities in the South of England. These include Portsmouth, Southampton, Salisbury, Winchester, Basingstoke, Chichester, Petersfield, The New Forest, Worthing and Andover to name a few.

Cardboard Recycling

The profile of the UK’s waste management industry has never been higher, the pressures on local authorities and the economy to reduce waste and maximise re-use and recovery.

Providing a refreshingly impartial and professional approach to waste management services and waste recycling, serving the producers to apply the accurate waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimisation, reuse and recycling.

We recycle all forms of cardboard and paper waste including corrugated cardboard, shredded paper, cores, tubes, paper cups, printed card and all forms of packaging waste.


We are experts in the safe and environmentally-friendly disposal of all forms of plastic waste.

Quite apart from a flexible approach to plastic waste collection, we use various techniques to recycle a wide range of plastics.

We Recycle A Range Of Soft and Hard Plastics and would Be Interested In The Following:

Polythene films – Clear or coloured with or without labels

Polythene (HD/MD/LDPE) Examples: Crates / Sprues

Polypropylene (PP) Examples: Pots / Crates / Buckets

Polystyrene (PS) Examples: Reels / Trays

Polycarbonate (PC)

Loose / Baled / Reels

Recycling Plastic Services

Materials we work with include; Polythene, Polypropylene, PVC, Polystyrene and Polycarbonate to name a few. If you are unsure, please contact us.

We have the facilities to micronise, granulate, compound and bale plastic waste at our processing plant and also carry out these processes on a purely contract basis.

As a leader in plastics recycling, we can process a huge range of polymers.

Different cardboard boxes isolated on white

Boxes / Packaging

We Sell New and Used Cardboard Boxes.

We Have A Stock Of Various Size Boxes At Very Reasonable Prices.

We specialise in a ‘handy’ size box for removals. This box can be supplied new, or once used.  Experience in removals means we recommend this size as it is just right for one person to carry on their own and is strong enough both to protect its contents and stack.

We supply a complete range of cardboard moving boxes, packing boxes, storage boxes and packing materials especially designed for people moving home. We want to ensure your house move gets off to the best possible start! We offer a full range of cardboard boxes for:

We also offer special moving packs

Storage boxes

Moving boxes

Including packing boxes

Moving house

Contact us with your requirements and we will to our best to meet them.

Machinery – Balers, Shredders and Conveyors

lhAs part of our services to our clients we are here to help and provide recycling machinery to suit your needs.

Not only can we manage all your recyclables but after being in the industry for over 30 years we are also experienced and knowledgeable on the industry standard machinery.

We only work with machinery from the industry leading manufacturers, for example with balers we can supply from small hand fed balers to fully automatic machines.

We will also help to suit your budgets for example we can look at a short and long-term rental as well as a purchase, whichever way – we’re here to help.

Contact us today and see how our processes can help you achieve your recycling objectives and targets.

plastic baleout
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