Recycling Companies UK

Recycling Companies UK

For The Best Recycling Company In The UK

G.H.S Recycling Ltd is a renowned company that has now been supplying a wide range of clients around the south with the widest range of recycling options available to make sure that we are one of the the top recycling companies in the UK.

Why You Should Choose Us?

At G.H.S Recycling Ltd we aim to offer the most comprehensive service on the market in terms of confidential waste management for our clients. We specialise in data destruction, the main reason for this is that if it is not done correctly then it could lead to your company being compromised.

Security risks have risen over the years due to companies not being able to properly destroy data which holds important information about either the company or an individual of that company.

How We Deal With Data Destruction

Along with our ongoing commitment to provide you with the most comprehensive service on the market we go through certain stages of checks to make sure any data that a company has given us to destroyed is done right the first time around.

Here are some of the specifications that we put on our own methods to make sure that they are in depth and have no chance to fail:

  • Material is always attended or kept within a secure area.
  • Monitored alarm systems are in place.
  • Cameras are monitoring secure areas.
  • Uniformed employees handle materials.
  • Employees have signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • Certificate provided

Our Method

Once we have collected all of the appropriate material that needs to be destroyed, we then take our closed lorries and vans to our Portsmouth depot where the data is weighed and shredded.

We then make sure the material is baled and sent to paper mills for pulping. This is to make sure that once the material has been destroyed it is placed into the paper stream to be recycled.

Our Facilities

We have quite a few shredders in operation, an industrial unit of ours deals with any material that holds important security information. Our other shredders will deal with any office waste recycling.

All of the material to be destroyed is segregated into appropriate sections and then they are sent to the correct shredder. Any security waste that we have will always go to pulping straight after shredding.

If we have any other products such as packaging or animal bedding then we will make sure this is completely separate from your data.

Our Promise To You

We guarantee all of our customers that staff will be on standby to answer any questions that you might have about the work that we do, or more precisely how we go about it.

Contact Us

If you are in need of a great recycling companies UK then please make sure to get in touch with G.H.S Recycling Ltd today on our free phone : 023 92670 399or email We welcome all general inquiries about the other services that we can offer.

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