Recycling Centre Portsmouth

Do you have sensitive data you need reliably destroying? Have you got a ton of cardboard you’re in need of recycling? Come and see us at GHS Recycling for all your confidential waste and recycling requirements. We have over 30 years’ experience as a family run recycling centre to offer, so call today on 023 92670 399 and see how we can help you.

Most Effective Recycling Centre in Portsmouth

We are an independent recycling centre in Portsmouth, established over 30 years ago and run by our family ever since. We’ve seen the policies and legislation change on recycled materials and the green initiative, so we’re better equipped to help you with all your recycling needs. Modern businesses are always fighting to meet recycling and carbon footprint targets, but here at GHS Recycling, we have different solutions companies can implement that are effective and affordable.Recycling Centre Portsmouth

With targets and requirements ever changing, we can help with:

  • Waste Analysis
  • Areas of Improvement
  • hausarbeiten schreiben lassen
  • Understanding Your Requirements
  • Establishing Recycling Habits
  • Providing Waste Management and Support

We ensure that all of our recycling solutions conform to Waste Legislation and Regulations and HWRCs (Household Waste Recycling Centres) guide. Our transport network can collect and effectively transport the waste to our centre to be checked for contamination and hazardous elements. After the materials are cleared, they’re processed and made into batches for storage at our recycling centre Portsmouth. These batches are transported to companies and industries around the UK and abroad so they can be used in making new products.

Our recycling centre Portsmouth facility offers secure, comprehensive destruction for confidential and sensitive data. Within this process, we can provide all audit trails, legal documentation and tracking orders. This ensures you know that the information in the documents isn’t compromised, copied or otherwise used in any way. Our confidential waste disposal is fully licenced and easy to take advantage of, and provides you with a low-cost, bespoke method of recycling materials and destroying sensitive documents and data.

At GHS Recycling, we are the most efficient recycling centre Portsmouth has to offer, and if required we issue waste transfer notes for the coverage of Duty of Care regulations. Our services are available all year round, so you’ll never be left with an uncontrollable amount of waste. We have a great Portsmouth Recycling centre, but also have sites based in Bournemouth, Hampshire, Southampton and Basingstoke which cover a wide area for waste collection.

Our Charity Scheme

The Portsmouth recycling centre is part of our charity scheme. We collect and recycle milk bottle tops, donating all the proceeds to charities of your choosing. So far we’ve raised more than £15,000 and recycled over 70 tonnes of bottle tops. The quantities of bottle tops are needed for charity payments is 500kg amounts, but we collect smaller amounts and keep it on file, so when you reach the next increment of 500kg the donation payment is sent to your chosen charity.

To qualify the bottle tops for collection, they must be free of inserts (rubber, paper and foil) and washed clean. You can imagine 500kgs of dirty bottle tops wouldn’t be pleasant. Our recycling centre Portsmouth is part of the network that covers calls for our bottle top services from all around the country. So far GHS Recycling has helped:

Several of our charities have outlets that also function as drop off points for the bottle top collections. So if you can help, don’t hesitate to contact us on 023 92670 399 or send an email to At our recycling centre Portsmouth, we do our very best to help the community and charities with fund-raising and recycling awareness.

Why Is Our Recycling Centre Portsmouth Successful

Our family run Portsmouth Recycling centre has friendly, trained staff that are always on hand to provide guidance and solutions to your recycling requirements. Whether you’re part of a large company or a sole trader that needs assistance in the disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way, we can help.

Here at GHS Recycling, our recycling centre Portsmouth is successful mainly thanks to the brilliant effort and support of the community we work with – they’ve helped reduce the landfill waste and incineration in the area. The charities we’ve helped, on behalf of the companies and public members who’ve been tremendously effective at collecting bottle tops, have been able to further their roles and improve the lives of others through our, and certainly your, work.

Contact Us

If you’ve got any queries about recycling, the benefits, regulations and methods in which to improve your recycling habits and reduce waste, call us today on 023 92670 399. Alternatively, you can email us at or contact us via our online form. We hope you’ll join us at the Recycling Centre Portsmouth and do the best we can to help the environment and community.