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Portsmouth Recycling

Portsmouth Recycling

The world is slowly running out of places to dump all its industrial, commercial, and domestic Portsmouth Recycling.pngwaste products. Since government and local councils began operating their recycling programs over 30 years ago, the UK now recycles over 40% of its waste products across all areas. Even so, there is still work to be done. EU legislation has set a recycling target of 50% of all domestic and industrial waste by 2020.

We at GHS Recycling of Portsmouth are pleased to be part of that effort to provide a better environment for future generations. Working with industrial and commercial businesses across Hampshire and the South of England, we offer a range of recycling options for our clients to help them reach recycling targets, and reduce their waste-to-landfill costs.

Services Offered

We work with many businesses across Hampshire and in big cities like Portsmouth recycling a range of materials including;

  • Paper of all types
  • A variety of plastic bottles and cups
  • Drinks cans, aluminium and steel waste
  • Plastic bottle tops

We also collect and securely dispose of confidential documentation both in paper and electronic form which if required, can be totally incinerated.

Our collection options are designed to blend with your particular recyclable waste collection needs. From a single collection or as-and-when, to regular daily, weekly, or monthly pick-ups; if you are based in Portsmouth recycling your waste has never been simpler.

About Us

Established over 30 years, G.H.S. Recycling is a fully licensed, independent family run business that works closely with both local authorities and the business community to help provide a cleaner and safer environment for the generations to come.

Portsmouth based, we operate vehicles across Hampshire and the South of England helping commercial and industrial businesses better manage their waste collection. Wherever you are based in the South of England, recycling your waste couldn’t be easier. We offer a range of boxes and bin bags to collect different recyclable materials which will then be collected by us on pre-arranged days.

Portsmouth Recycling

Why choose GHS Recycling?

In an age of climate change, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, every household and business across the country is being urged to recycle greater quantities of waste which at the moment is going to landfill.

As a country, over the last 30 years the UK’s recycling programme has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by almost 70%, and we’re still only scratching the surface of what will eventually be recyclable.

As a business, you have watched your waste disposal costs creep forever upward, as the government continues to increase the tax on landfill disposal. Doesn’t it make sense to dispose of as much of your waste as possible in an eco-friendly manner which also helps reduce business overheads.

Contact us

Contact G.H.S. Recycling today. One of our client managers will be pleased to visit, discuss your requirements, and point out what can and can’t be recycled. Join the thousands of our customers along the south coast who have taken the opportunity to go green, and start managing your waste disposal in a more cost-effective, eco-friendly manner. Call 02392 670 399 or Email: info@ghsrecycling.co.uk