Portsmouth Recycling Depot

Do you want an efficient and responsible way to dispose of your waste? At our Portsmouth recycling depot, we recycle and destroy all types of material from cardboard to confidential documents. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, our recycling experts can recommend the best waste solutions for you.

The best recycling depot in Portsmouth 

Many companies in Portsmouth send waste to landfill sites when they can easily be recycled. When you make the choice to recycle with GHS recycling, you have the peace of mind that you are doing your bit to help the environment. As our Portsmouth recycling experts have an extensive knowledge of environmentally friendly waste disposal, we can offer advice that is tailored to your business.

Over time, adding to landfills or choosing to incinerate important documents can pollute our environment, which can affect the health of both residents and wildlife. At our Portsmouth recycling depot, we are dedicated to providing an environmentally-friendly recycling service so that we can work with companies in helping make Portsmouth a better place.

At GHS Recycling depot, we manage a wide range of waste materials, including:

When we have collected your waste, we will sort through it to check for any hazardous matter as well as any unrecyclable materials. The remaining waste will then be delivered to appropriate companies throughout the UK who can turn the materials into new, usable products. All rubbish will be collected by a GHS waste disposal expert and taken away in one of our industry-standard recycling lorries.

Why choose our Portsmouth recycling services?

Recycling is made easy when you choose our Portsmouth depot. We know that every business is different with regards to the amount of waste they produce and what types of material they dispose of the most. This is why, when you get in touch, we will explain all the options that are most suitable for your requirements.

No matter if you want a one-off service or weekly collection, we can tailor our services to the needs of your business. If you want to improve your company’s effect on the environment, our team can help you set up company recycling targets and monitor your progress. We can advise you of which materials our Portsmouth depot can and cannot recycle to help keep landfill waste to a minimum.

There are many benefits of choosing GHS Recycling over competing depots in Portsmouth. Our waste collection team is fully licensed, affordable, and will always be on time. Additionally, our recycling services are fully compliant with strict health and safety policies.

To make recycling as simple as possible, our depot will supply you with clearly labelled waste recycling bins for you to use in your office.

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If you have any questions regarding our Portsmouth recycling depot, call 02392 670 399 or send an email to info@ghsrecycling.co.uk.