Commercial Waste in Hampshire

Do you need to dispose of your commercial waste in Hampshire? Choose GHS Recycling for an efficient and affordable waste management service. Our team collect and dispose of a wide range of commercial waste materials from cardboard to plastics.

Hampshire Commercial Waste Disposal

Companies produce large amounts of waste that often gets taken to landfill sites without a second thought of how this affects the environment. This is not necessary as a significant proportion of the commercial waste can be recycled, for example: paper, plastic bottles, and vending machine cups. At G.H.S Recycling Ltd, we provide an eco-friendly waste disposal solution for commercial clients throughout Hampshire.

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling is often ignored, but it is incredibly easy to enforce a programme to commercial waste in hampshireminimise the paper waste your company produces.  We can recycle all types of paper and cardboard, including shredded paper, corrugated cardboard, printed card, and more.

Plastic Recycling

We specialise in environmentally-friendly plastic recycling using a range of disposal facilities we have at our processing plant. Using our techniques, we are able to recycle many soft plastics such as polythene film, bubble wrap, nylon, and polystyrene.

Office Waste

An effective office waste recycling service can reduce your waste volumes, and save money that may be spent on disposal costs. Our experts will be happy to set up an office waste disposal programme that is tailored to the needs of your business in Hampshire.

commercial waste in hampshire

Our Commercial Waste Recycling Process

At G.H.S Recycling Ltd, we have a number of vehicles specifically made to collect different types of waste materials. When you contact our team, we will send out an appropriate lorry and a waste management professional who is licensed to handle commercial waste products. We will then check waste for contamination, and pass it on to companies who can reuse the materials to make new products.

We operate the following services for our commercial clients in Hampshire:

  • Regular/ one off data collection and destruction
  • Small business recycling programmes
  • Monitoring recycling targets
  • Recycling for charity schemes
  • Purchasing and selling once-used box packaging.

Many businesses handle confidential documents holding information that cannot be read by third parties. If you need to discard important materials, we will collect the waste and deal with it accordingly. We recycle a large proportion of waste once it has been destroyed, but in the rare case that this is not sufficient, we can also incinerate materials.

Choosing to dispose of your waste in a professional manner reflects well on your Hampshire business, as local authorities will recognise this responsible behaviour. When you get in touch, we will work with you to protect the environment and reduce the amount of commercial waste that gets taken to landfill sites.

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For all of your commercial waste requirements, contact our Hampshire team on 023 9267 0399. Alternatively, feel free to send an email