Charity scheme

Milk Bottle Tops

We are in Portsmouth collects and recycles milk bottle tops for the charity of your choice.  This started firstly with Naomi House doing the collecting and us the recycling. When Naomi moved to collecting old mobile phones we were overwhelmed with calls from collectors to carry on the recycling. We now collect through most of the South of England and get calls from all over the country.

Since we started our scheme we are proud to have:

Raised more than £15,000 for multiple charities

Recycled more than 70 tonnes

There is a minimum payment amount of 500 kgs but we are happy to collect (if you live in an area we collect from) or for you to deliver smaller amounts and we will keep this on file and let you know on request how your total is increasing.

Tops must be washed clean

Free of any paper, rubber or foil inserts

Our granulated tops go to make hard plastic toys for children, such as slides and other garden toys.  They also go to make more bottle tops!

We are looking for a national company who we could persuade to receive bags of bottle tops at their stores and bring them to somewhere in our area where we can collect in bulk.

Plastic bottle caps isolated on white



We’re always looking for companies who have the storage space for drop off points to help more people collect. Please contact us if you feel you could help.

These are some of the charities and good causes that are being collected for. Please do not contact the charities direct, they do not organise your collections – Collectors are independent and this list is just a sample of who they nominate their money to go to.


GHS Charities

You are free to drop bags to the following areas providing you are contributing to milk tops to the chosen charities:

Drop off points:


Please do not send any mixed lids, must be milk bottle tops only. This effects the charity account and will end up in landfill.

Must all be collected in clear bags.

Due to the popularity and rising administration costs we can no longer add any new charities. However if you would like to participate in the charity scheme feel free to select your chosen charity from the list. Please ensure to clearly state your chosen charity on the external of the packaging.

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