Cardboard Recycling

The profile of the UK’s waste management industry has never been higher, the pressures on local authorities and the economy to reduce waste and maximise re-use and recovery, never greater.

GHS Recycling Can Help With:

  • Understanding customers waste management requirements
  • Identifying key improvement opportunities
  • Demonstrating practical options and solutions
  • Implementing and delivering tangible improvement
  • Providing continuous waste management support
White and cardboard earth surrounded by big cardboard boxes

Providing a refreshingly impartial and professional approach to waste management services and waste recycling, serving the producers to apply the accurate waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimisation, reuse and recycling.

We recycle all forms of cardboard and paper waste including

  • corrugated cardboard
  • shredded paper
  • cores
  • tubes
  • paper cups
  • printed card

Including all forms of packaging waste.

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