Cardboard Recycling Portsmouth

Go green with GHS Recycling by inquiring about our competitively priced services, including cardboard recycling. Portsmouth businesses looking to dispose of unwanted cardboard in an environmentally friendly way will find our team to be most helpful. We provide a comprehensive service tailored to the client’s needs. To find out more, call us today on 023 92670 399.

The Number One Choice for Cardboard Recycling in Portsmouth

With the growing issue of global warming and climate change, individuals and businesses are all looking to do their part. For companies, it’s as much about public perception as it is about being morally responsible. In line with the Green Agenda, businesses need to have in place sustainable waste practices such as cardboard recycling. Portsmouth companies looking for a financially viable option should turn to GHS Recycling.

By choosing GHS Recycling, we’ve provided Portsmouth cardboard recycling services for many years. We can assist you in a number of areas, including:

  • Implementation and Delivery of Tangible Improvement
  • Demonstration of Practical Options and Solutions
  • Identification of Key Improvement Opportunities
  • Understanding and Interpretation of Customer’s Waste Management Requirements
  • On-Going Waste Management Support

Our team are used to providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with onsite audits. With GHS Recycling, we’ll ensure that the waste management solution we provide you with is tailored to your exact requirements and budget. No wonder we’re considered the best choice for cardboard recycling Portsmouth has to offer.

Cardboard Recycling Portsmouth

Our Portsmouth Cardboard Recycling Service

With mounting pressures on local authorities, the economy, and businesses to reduce waste while maximising recovery and re-use, the need for recycling solutions has never been greater. At GHS Recycling, we provide a refreshingly impartial and professional approach to cardboard recycling Portsmouth clients will find to be most effective.

Our mission is to serve the producers in the application of an accurate waste hierarchy. Such a hierarchy includes waste prevention, minimisation, re-use, and recycling. Through implementing effective and affordable waste management strategies, we help businesses improve their green status while doing our part to protect the environment. Cardboard recycling in Portsmouth is just one of the many ways in which we accomplish this.

All forms of cardboard and paper waste are handled and recycled by our team, including corrugated cardboard, shredded paper, cores, tubes, paper cups, printed card, and all forms of packaging waste. We come to you, get everything packed up, and transport it back to our site, where it’s segregated, processed, and recycled. Any cardboard or paper waste which cannot be recycled is disposed of in line with current regulations.

Our service is highly competitive and geared towards your specific needs. For instance, if you desire a one-off collection, this can be arranged. Alternatively, if you require a regular collection, we can create a schedule that works for you. When it comes to cardboard recycling, Portsmouth clients can trust that all necessary steps will be taken to implement an efficient, convenient service.

To find out more, call GHS Recycling today on 023 92670 399 and speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team.

Why Choose Us for Cardboard Recycling, Portsmouth Customers?

For the last 30 years, our independent, family-run company has provided cost-effective services to businesses throughout Portsmouth. Cardboard recycling is just one of these services, along with confidential waste and data collection and destruction, confidential shredding, plastic recycling, and more.

As well as Portsmouth, we also operate throughout the South of England, providing assistance to companies with all waste-related issues. From onsite audits, to help with monitoring recycling targets; we can assist in a number of different capacities. We can even provide all necessary legal documentation and audit trails for demonstration of full compliance.

For services like cardboard recycling in Portsmouth, we always check for material contamination. Once verified, these materials are sent to companies both in the UK and abroad to be used to make new products. All the while, you’re doing your part to reduce the impact on local landfill sites and incineration facilities while protecting the environment.

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