Basingstoke Recycling

We supply a Basingstoke recycling service for businesses across the town. At G.H.S Recycling Ltd, we have the facilities to recycle a huge variety of materials like plastics, packaging, paper and more. Today, many clients want to know about their suppliers’ green credentials, making recycling material from a workplace more important for businesses.

Our Basingstoke Recycling Services

Our company has the facilities to recycle a wide range of materials from all workplaces. All materials will be collected from your property on a basis to suit your business’ needs. So if you need a daily, weekly or monthly collection, we will come up with a plan to suit your business. We will supply recycling bins, plastic bags, and waste bins if required.

We will adapt all of our recycling services to ensure that your recycling in Basingstoke needs is fulfilled by our company. The team can recycle the following materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Drinks cans
  • Milk bottle tops
  • Office vending machine cups
  • Paperwork
  • Plastic bottles and more

Secure Disposal Service

If your business operates with customer records or other confidential information being printed out or written down from time-to-time, then secure disposal of such documentation is essential, and this can now be handled alongside your normal recycling processing.

recycling bin black from side

Along with our recycling in Basingstoke collection services, we offer a secure waste disposal service. Our data destruction service is fully licensed, and we will ensure that all sensitive information is destroyed in the correct manner. With alarm systems and 24 hour CCTV in place, all waste disposal will be conducted in a secure manner. For your record, we provide certificates for all sensitive data that is destroyed.

Why Choose G.H.S Recycling Ltd?

For companies in Basingstoke recycling and dealing with secure waste management simultaneously is now a breeze, thanks to G.H.S Recycling Ltd. With 30 years of experience in the industry, G.H.S Recycling Ltd has established a superb reputation for the quality of our Basingstoke recycling service.

All of our services offered to companies in Basingstoke with secure waste disposal and recycling requirements are conducted under ‘Waste Transfer Notes’, if needed. This ensures that processing is fully covered under the relevant duty of care regulations. Along with secure waste management of paperwork, it is also possible for electronic forms of data storage to be handled.

We handle and recycle a wide range of materials and offer cost-effective recycling plans so that your business can keep costs low.

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