About Us

Here at G.H.S Recycling Ltd

We have been established in the recycling industry for 30 years. It is an independent, family run, Recycling and Waste Management Company based in Portsmouth and operating throughout the South of England. We offer full recycling and waste management services specialising in Confidential Data Destruction and Paper, Plastic and Cardboard recycling. For our Customers we can advise and set up the following:

Regular or On / Off collections of Confidential Waste for Destruction

Options in Recycling for Small Businesses & Organisations

Monitoring recycling Targets

Materials that can be Recycled

Provide all legal documentation and audit trails

We have a number of lorries collecting various materials for Recycling. These materials are then checked for contamination and then processed to be moved on to various companies in the UK and abroad for reuse in making products.

The success of this program depends on you. Is your company doing its part to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill or incineration facilities and protecting our environment? Please join us and recycle!